This Number Calling indexes millions of North American numbers.
We believe it's important to know who's calling you not just for privacy reasons but also to avoid any scams or unwanted headache.

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Who is this and why is this number calling me?

Is usually the first thing that comes to mind when an unfamiliar number is calling you.
Often times no voicemail is left or no caller id name is shown. Just a number and that's it!
You can now easily find out what each number is and read comments left by other people who were called by the same number thanks to the power of the internet.

It's not always about the unknown!

There may be times where you know the source of the call and just want to verify the authenticity of the call. Someone calling from a specific number claiming to be from a certain place that you have doubts about? This is where you can do further research and verify the source of the call. This is known as spoofing. Report it to the authorities if you believe you are being spoofed. Report Telephone Fraud

Stop Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

Did you know you stop unwanted telemarketing calls? You simply add your number to a government "DO NOT CALL LIST" and telemarketing calls should stop after 30 days!

How do I block telemarketing calls?

We've setup guides and step-by-step tutorials on how to do it.
For US Residents: Stop Unwanted US Telemarketing Calls
For Canadians: Stop Unwanted Canadian Telemarketing Calls